Exhibition Series

Current Exhibition

January 20 – February 24, 2017

Native Inspirations by Peregrine North

Peregrine North is a musician and artist who was born in England, raised in upstate New York
and currently resides in Leesburg, Virginia. The works comprising her exhibit, “Native
Inspirations”, are the result of a lifetime of interest in America’s Native people and a particular
moment of inspiration that occurred during her college years in Texas.

It was during that time that she encountered the photographs of Edward Sheriff Curtis through a
book given to her by her mother. Curtis traveled throughout the midwestern and western United
States in the early 20th century to photographically document the vanishing way of life of
America’s Native people. Peregrine herself had always been captivated by Native America, and
when she picked up her pencils and began to draw from these photographs, her work reached a
different level. She created six of the pieces you see here from these photos, plus one, “One of
the Oneida”, which employs a Curtis photo as a model but portrays a tribe that Curtis did not
document. Peregrine hopes to someday spend more time with the people of the tribes she
portrays and create her art from her own photos of the Native Americans she meets.

A portion of all art sales goes to the Southwest Indian Foundation, a group that works to
alleviate poverty among the Native tribes of the American Southwest. You can visit them at

Peregrine’s art and music were recently featured in the December 2016 edition of Elán
Magazine. You can read more about her work at www.peregrinenorth.com.

Past Exhibitions

October 14 – November 17, 2016

Sketches of Rome by Lauren Nelson


Flowers of Spring by Bohdan Kondra

April 8 – May 20, 2016

Born in Ukraine in 1906, Bohdan Kondra was a veterinarian with the souls of a poet and artist. The eldest of 8 children, Kondra survived the great famine and was known for his eternal optimism. After escaping the communists and immigrating to the United States, Kondra took the only job he could find as a poultry inspector. Yet his artistic soul never waned and he spent all his spare time painting and writing poetry. Despite debilitating arthritis Kondra painted until his dying day at the age of 92. Though not trained in painting, Kondra poetic soul shines through his painting where he somehow is able to capture the essence or soul of inanimate objects. Here is a story of someone who refused to lay his dream aside and this is his legacy.

Version 2

Faces of South America by Danielle Lussier

October 16 – December 18, 2015

These are the faces of the people I met on my trip to South America. Most of them are from eastern Peru, many from the remote areas of the Lares Valley where I trekked for several days. I encountered these people going about their daily lives in their villages or amidst the mountain passes. I was struck by their heartiness, their joyful smiles, and the integrity of their traditions. I held the clothing they wove by hand and watched them herd their animals.

Most of them spoke little English, and in most cases not even Spanish. Rather, they spoke their native language, Quechua. As a travel photographer, it often happens that the people I am photographing do not speak English, and I likewise do not speak their language. Between us, however, exists the common language of humanity, a language which is spoken not with words but with the eyes, the movements of the hands, and with laughter. I find that this lack of conversation leads to something entirely special – a pure connection of two human souls. It allows me to see past mere words, because there are none. Instead, I see straight to the spirit.

Likewise, portraits lack words. It is my goal, therefore, that you will also see that same spirit of this people that I encountered, expressed in these little moments frozen in time. I loved this country and the people I met along the way. They live in wild landscapes, and work the hard ground, and trod where their ancestors trod, and I found their lives beautiful. And I hope you will too.

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